The Current Roster:


Al Carter: Vocals and Guitar

–Lives in Seoul, Originally from Florida, USA

Alejandro Gonzalez: Bass 

–Authentic Mexicano, Great Hair, too.

Cameron Newell: Guitar

–From Seattle, Living in Seoul

Guillaume Desbos: Drums

–Very French, perfect in every way.


Occasional Drop-In Guests:

Ji-Yoon (지윤): Drums

–For when Guillaume is too hung over to play


Previous Members:

Eungju Moon (문응주): Bass 

— Awesome Sweaters, joined the army.

Thierry Berno: Bass and Vocals

–French. World Traveler. Now in Thailand.

Todd Lombardi: Drums

–Moved back to the States

Alex Napoli: Guitar

–Moved to Japan

Tim Gilmour: Drums

–Moved across the country, to the Beach